Report about mixed reality sector in 2023

The value of the global mixed reality market was USD 30 billion in 2022. Are you wondering what is the value of the market and growth pace in 2023?

Find out by downloading and reading our report!

We answer the following questions:

  • Which global leading companies already use VR and AR technologies? What are they used for? What benefits can their implementation bring?
  • What are the most innovative companies creating virtual and augmented reality solutions? 
  • What are the most useful VR/AR solutions for a company in your sector?
  • How will the premiere of Apple Vision Pro affect the adoption of virtual and augmented reality solutions?
  • Does the latest Meta Quest 3 have a chance to break VR headset record of its predecessor Meta Quest 2?
  • What is the value of the VR and AR market and what has been their growth rate in recent years?

We describe the applications of mixed reality for the entertainment, commercial, real estate and construction, educational, medical, energy, insurance, manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Read the case study on the implementation of VR or AR in leading Polish companies such as Allegro, Enea, PZU, Velux. See what benefits it brought them and what the process of implementing these technologies looked like.

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